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What is the patient's household size? (Household size is defined as the number of people who contribute to or are dependent on the applicant's current annual household income including the applicant.)*

What is the patient's annual household income? (Household income is based on above household size.)*


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By selecting ‘I am the patient’ you are verifying that you are in fact the patient and not another entity, such as a pharmacy. In the event you are not the patient and select this option, the patient’s application may be delayed.

The assistance fund offers assistance for approved medications.

Please select the therapy the patient is currently prescribed. The therapies currently supported for the diagnosis selected are: (If this application is for a financial program and you are not seeking assistance for drug copay, please select "No current therapy")*

Preparer Information

Patient Information

Thank you for your interest in The Assistance Fund. To be eligible, a Patient must be 17 years of age or younger to receive assistance under the Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis Copay Assistance Program. Please review our Rheumatoid Arthritis Copay Assistance Program for availability.

Physician Specialist Information

Physician Specialist is the doctor or physician that has prescribed the patient's approved medication. Providing the following information is optional.

Additional Notes

Please include any further notes that pertain to your current financial situation or insurance coverage. Any details are encouraged to help us process your application.

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Patient Information

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